Noisey Atlanta Checks Out The Trippy Life of ILoveMakonnen

Back in 2012 Makonnen was on house arrest for the death of a close friend. Makonnen and his friend were riding in a car when his friend pulled out a gun. As Makonnen tried to take the gun away from him it fired, leaving his friend dead. While on House arrest Makonnen foucsed on his blog and music. After recording, “Goin’ Up On a Tuesday”, Drake found the song and decided to remix it making ILoveMakonnen the great new artist that he is today.


His music is not characteristic of typical trap music. Morton says that:

“ILoveMakonnen’s music is less dark, and a little more psychedelic which is becoming popular in Atlanta.”

Makonnen takes some of his musical influence from Rock N’ Roll, and believes that that free spirited vibe that was present with 80s Rock needs to be present in Hip Hop. This free spirited vibe he is referring to also includes the heavy drug use, ranging from weed, molly, to shrooms.

“I was never really into the drug thing, but the trap industry requires it.”

Additionally, Makonnen feels like nowadays artists have to be the talent and the label… no shade to OVO Sound.

“Back in the day you were the talent and the label would be able to take your talent and form your talent, mothaf**kers out her do it on they own. You are the label.”

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