Meek Mill, Prodigy, and DMX Bleed Green On “Larry Bird (I Got Shooters)”

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Back in 1998, hip hop was in a mourning period. Reeling from the deaths of Biggie and 2pac, the game had become the bling-bling, flashy period we now know as the Shiny Suit era. Business was booming, but the streets were yearning for something to lean on. In came DMX and the Ruff Ryders. Riding four wheelies from New York City to Philly, DMX fed the streets exactly what they needed at that time.

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X wasn’t your average rapper though. Speaking straight from his soul, he brought quality authentic street hip hop back to the mainstream without compromise. While your favorite artists talked about getting fly and material possessions, X rapped like he was ready to strip them of all of that sh*t that they were talking about. Where some artists would hide their flaws, X bared it all for all to see. Though his character was what propelled him, X could hold his own on a microphone with the best of them. It’s safe to say that he owned a greater part of the late 90’s and early 2000’s.

These days there’s one guy that really matches what DMX brought to the table, and that’s none other than North Philadelphia’s Meek Mill. The MMG lieutenant rose from being just another hungry rapper on YouTube to the epitome of the street dream. That raw aggression coupled with his ambitious subject matter is reminiscent of the energy that X brought back when he burst onto the scene back in 1998. We love what every one is bringing to the table these days, but Meek is the main artist keeping the streets alive right now.

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I can imagine this one being beneficial to both Meek and X. It’s been a minute since we’ve heard from the Dog, but the man’s spirit will never die. A lot of Meek’s younger fans have never gotten a chance to really learn the man, but something tells me that they would appreciate it if the two came together. As for Meek—we know respect plays a big part of the lifestyle he raps about. An OG like DMX bestowing that blessing would be a nice notch in that belt.

No frills here, these two should do what they do best and talk that sh*t that’ll have a you motivated or shook depending on the type of person you are. All they need to do is jump on something fresh. Meek is as hungry as ever ever since coming home and throughout everything DMX has been through he’s never lost it. Possibly a Rick Ross feature? Classic Swizz production? Too much possibility here.

Now, imagine if Prodigy jumped on this? P has been out of the public eye for a while, so what better way to heat up the streets than him killing a record with Meek and X? That’s why these are Dream Collaborations.

X has already gone on record to state the respect he has for Meek. This is something coming from someone who has berated most of what’s been going on in hip hop these days. Remember the
Lil’ B video?

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from X, but if he’s got anything left in him let it be this. They both bring the energy, both represent the streets, and both love those damn four wheelers. So until it happens…

Why haven’t these two collaborated yet?

*As I was finishing this up DMX’s Where Da Hood At/Ayo Kato¨ video randomly came on. Maybe a sign…?