Listen to Kanye West’s Uncensored Version Of “All Day”

Kanye West recently—yesterday (Feb. 25)—debuted his new single “All Day” at the BRIT Awards alongside some of the biggest names in grime and British hip-hop. However, while the track sounded dope we couldn’t exactly made out the words.

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Here it is again, uncensored in all its glory and according to RapGenius, West not only managed to include the secondary market for his latest trainer line, but also a Grammys diss and a Michael Jackson/Michael Jordan comparison. Say what? #AllDay

[Hook 1: Kanye West]
All day, n*gga,
How long you n*gga ball?
All day, n*gga How much time you spent at the mall?
All day, n*gga How many thots do you got on call?
All day, n*gga H-how long they keep you in court?
All day, n*gga Take you to get this fly?
All day, n*gga, Tell your P.O. how how long you been high?
All day, n*gga Y’all already know I’m straight from the Chi,
All day, n*gga South, south, south side!
All day, n*gga

[Verse 1: Kanye West]
It’s Ye, n*gga Shoppin’ for the winter, and it’s just May, n*gga
Ball so hard, man, this shit cray, n*gga
And you ain’t gettin’ money ‘less you got eight figures
From the Jesus piece, man I’ve been saved, n*gga
Just talked to Farrakhan, that’s sensei n*gga
Told him I’ve been on ten since 10th grade, n*gga
Got a middle finger longer than Dikembe, my n*gga,
uh I don’t let ’em play with me I don’t let ’em talk to me no kind of way
You better watch what you say to me
People still gettin’ popped on the day to day
Still got the 100 with the small face, n*gga
Might spend 50 racks on my off day, n*gga
You a fake Denzel like the Allstate n*gga
If you run into me, better have Allstate with you
You a Rico Suave n*gga
Drive around listening to Sade n*gga
If you ain’t with us, you in our way, n*gga
You an actor, you should be on Broadway n*gga
Cause you do shit the broad way n*gga
Your bitch got an ass but my broad way thicker
Late for the class, in the hallway, n*gga
Yeah the dropout at it as always n*gga

[Bridge: Allan Kingdom]
At [inaudible] in a sweet bread, and I reach into my head
Gave him what I had left At that moment I disperse (All day!)
At that moment I disperse (All day!)

[Hook 2: Kanye West]
All day n*gga How long y’all playas ball?
All day n*gga How much time y’all spent at the mall?
All day n*gga How long it take you to get this fly?
All day n*gga Tell your P.O. how how long you been high?
All day n*gga Pour some Hen out for my n*ggas that died
And I keep a bad chick on the passenger side
Y’all already know I’m straight from the Chi, all day, n*gga
South, south, south side! All day, n*gga

[Verse 2: Kanye West]
I could do this all day, boy, I’m ’bout to turn this bitch out That n*gga
Ye in the streets, boy, there’s never really been a drought [inaudible] late, boy, you know I still go wild
I’m like a light skinned slave, boy, we in the mothafuckin’ house Right now, lookin’ real sus right now
I swear I’ve been on this flight like a month right now
Stupid n*ggas gettin’ paid, Forrest Gump right now Sail out to [inaudible] I need to stunt right now
I’ve been lookin’ at the Gram, I’ve been lookin’ at the Grammys
Like, whoo, that’s us right now 24/7, 365 days, everybody gettin’ paid
People lookin’ at me like I’m worth both MJs
Screamin, “Ye, Ye, take it easy”
20 Gs for the Yeezys on the ebay
People do the most and they ain’t done shit
Only way we can sum it up, son, bitch