Jimmy Fallon, Will Ferrell, And Kevin Hart Have A Head To Head Lip Syncing Battle

Don’t you love those late night karaoke parties with friends? Well on Sunday Night, Jimmy Fallon, Will Ferrell, and Kevin Hart had the showdown of a lifetime for all to see.

The three comedians had an epic lip syncing battle that helped viewers to forget about that disappointing Superbowl.

Will Ferrell Lip Syncing

For the first round, Will Ferrell showed us some of his dance moves as he got down with Beyonce‘s “Drunk In Love.” He was more than invested into his performance and had the crowd applauding for more.

“You can never unsee that,” said a jealous Jimmy Fallon.–FYI, it’s bad sportsmanship to put down your competition.

Fallon then took the stage to imitate Kelly Clarkson‘s music video for “Since You Been Gone.” He rocks out, throws the mic, and even puts on a leather glove to help get into character-quite the performance.

Kevin Hart Lip Syncing

Kevin Hart decides to appeal to the more sensitive side of viewers when he dedicates his performance of John Legend’s “All Of Me” to his “one and only true love.” Let me tell you, he nailed it! Hart was emotional, sensual, and then even glances over to his opponents to sing them a personal balled of their own. Will Ferrel may or may have not teared up and received a little tap on his face to close Kevin’s performance.

Round 2 gets even better.

Will announces that he will be doing Adele Nazeem, I mean Adina Menzel’s–sorry John Travolta— “Let It Go.” The crowd loved the glittery male Elsa who was frozen at the end of his performance.

Drew And Jimmy Duo

For Fallon’s second performance, he introduced Jennifer Warnes and Bill Medley‘s “Time of My Life” when he may have cheated because he brought Drew Barrymore out on stage to dance for a duet. The duo jumped, they twirled and Barrymore even got up on Fallon’s feet at the end.

It was a hilarious very well-executed attempt. “Do you see my knees?!” yelled Fallon. The cameras zoomed in and showed that he had cut up his suit for the performance. Now that’s dedication.

Kevin, Will, Drew, And Jimmy Lip SyncKevin Hart prefaces his last performance with “Drew, I’m pissed off. I asked you why you were here and you said you didn’t know.” But it didn’t phase the comedian one bit. Once he began Katy Perry‘s “Roar,” his enthusiasm was unstoppable and had the crowd jumping on their tippy toes of their feet. He may have even done it better than Perry herself.

So, who do you think took the cake? It’s a tough call…