Cristiano Ronaldo’s Top Ten Moments On His 30th Birthday


One of soccer’s biggest superstars, Real Madrid‘s Cristiano Ronaldo, turns 30 years old today. Hard to believe I know. To honor one of the sport’s biggest stars we look back at his top ten moments of his professional career.

For those unfamiliar with European soccer let me give you a quick run down of who Cristiano is over seas. We think Kobe Bryant and LeBron James’ names ring out over here. Multiply that by ten and you get Cristiano.

He has played two of the most legendary sports franchises in the world (Manchester United & Real Madrid) and holds a good share of hardware and records in both the English Premier League and La Liga–not to mention theĀ Champions League.

So yeah, he’s sort of a big deal. He has a ton of crazy goals, a ton a of legendary moments and a couple funny ones too. Let’s see which ones made the cut for our top ten.