Clueless Super Bowl Viewers: “Who is Missy Elliot?”

Katy Perry may of been the main performer during this year’s Super Bowl but it was Missy Elliot who really stole the show.

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Missy Elliot joined Katy Perry on stage after “California Girls” to perform three of her own hits, “Get Ur Freak On”, Work It”, and  “Lose Control” and the crowd was going wild.  Missy has been M.I.A since the mid 2000s, and she was definitely missed.

They even created a meme in honor of her return, featuring none other than Kim Kardashian.  This pretty much accurately depicts how we all reacted.

Yep #superbowl #missyelliot #katyperry #repost

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But the real shock came on social media, when some people claimed to not even know who Missy was.

Don’t worry though some of them got a history lesson.

Wow…kids don't know their music history. #MissyElliot

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Maybe they need to get out more, because Missy was all over Twitter last night. Even a lot of celebrities like Sophia Bush, Anderson Cooper, Busta Rhymes and Justin Timberlake were tweeting about her amazing performance.

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