Cops Search Chris Brown’s Lamborghini After Gun Tip



Chris Brown just can’t catch a break these days. Right after the “Loyal” singer announced that he finally completed his community service hours, cops receive a tip off of a gun in his Lambo.

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The LAPD received an anonymous call this past weekend  that a passenger in Chris’ car was carrying a gun. Chris was at T.I.‘s pre-Grammy party at Sayer nightclub, in Hollywood, when cops arrived on the scene. The singer was already inside, but that didn’t stop law enforcement from detaining his friend and searching his Lamborghini.

Of course, they found nothing.

It’s better to be safe then sorry. After all, we all remember the past two shootings in which Chris Brown was on the scene. The first at 10AK nightclub this past summer, where Suge Knight was shot six times. The other, last month, at a performance in San Jose were five people were shot.