Chris Brown Comes At Drake and Rihanna on The Breakfast Club

The We Hate Drake tour continues as Chris Brown stops by The Breakfast Club. Previously, he and Tyga voiced their opinions with Hot 97’s Ness Nitty.

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Chris Brown continued to echo his sentiments of not getting paid to talk about Drake, but also added in an extra shot… that Drake is just a fan.

“I dont get no money talking about him. that dude dont make me no check. I didnt make no record with him, he was just in the studio… he was a fan.”

Brown goes on to diss his Ex-Rihanna, calling her “ol’ girl” and stating that her dating options¬†in the music industry are extremely limited now. He also refers to Drake as a “corny singing rapper.”

“Even with ol’ girl, the first one (Rihanna), who else in this game she gonna go to? Some corny singing rapper?

Watch the entire interview to hear Breezy open up about his feelings toward the domestic violence PSA at the Grammys, probation, community service and his relationship with Karrueche.