Unrevealed Video Might Prove Bruce Jenner Is At Fault For Fatal Car Accident

Just when Bruce Jenner thought he was close to the light at the end of the tunnel, TMZ got word of a video that caught the entire car accident that resulted in one fatality.  Cameras on the front and sides of a nearby bus caught the entire incident. The worst part? It looks like Jenner actually is at fault for the entire thing.

Unfortunately, only law enforcement has the video and will not reveal the specifics of what is on the tape. However, TMZ has put together a recreation of the accident that is not based on the video but has resulted from information given from other sources.

Jenner’s car struck the Lexus which spiraled into oncoming traffic and then consequently struck the Hummer.

This new information may result in Bruce facing a possible vehicular manslaughter prosecution because the video now reveals that the Lexus driver who died made no contact with the Prius.