Bobby Shmurda Checks In From Jail: “I’m in protective custody.”

Bobby Shmurdad checks in from jail with Ebro in the Morning to talk about his current situation, partner in crime Rowdy Rebel, and the night of his arrest. However, about two and a half minutes into the interview, the line is disconnected.

Bobby Shmurda Gives First Jail Interview: “God Makes His Toughest Battles For His Strongest Soldiers”

On his current situation: 

Yea. They got me in PC man. They got me in protective custody inside a Manhattan building called The Tombs right now. Court orders. At first, me and Rowdy we had stuck it up. We was in intake before they pick you up. They had us sleeping in there for like two days, and I was like “na, na, my back starting to hurt man. We going upstairs.”

On Rowdy Rebel:

They just took him to the box man. Me and him had a little altercation with somebody. You know how that goes.

On the night of his arrest—the heavy artillery in the studio:

 What they’re hearing about that night—that sh*t is not true. The cops been out for me for forever man. They been trying to slay me for forever, but they never catch me with nothing. It might be 4-5 cops that night, that had grabbed me up and told me “Yo I don’t want my kids listening to your music, and this and that.”