Big Sean Debuts New Song At House of Blues, Kanye West Spazzes At “Blessings” Technical Difficulties



Big Sean hasn’t been able to stay out of the news since he announced his new album Dark Sky Paradise. Of course, covering Complex and even being featured in Meek Mill’s latest video, “B Boy” isn’t enough for this rapper.He had some bigger things in mind, like his live performance at House of Blues.

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With the Grammys just hours away and the “IDFWU” rapper already being in Los Angeles, what’s a better way to celebrate than at a sold out performance at the House of Blues? Big Sean was prepared with his recent tracks like “Mula,” and “Paradise” last night (Feb. 7th). He even debuted a new song, “Stay Down.”

What he wasn’t prepared for were the technical issues during “Blessings” with Kanye West. You can hear Kanye yell “Unprofessional!” during the delay. Big Sean also brought out some old favorites of ours like “Marvin & Chardonnay,” “All Me,” and “My Last”.

Did we mention there was a number of guest appearances like J.Cole, Chris Brown, and Justin Bieber?

Don’t worry though. If you weren’t able to catch the live performance, Big Sean made sure all his fans got a chance to see what was an amazing performance. You can catch the entire show on Yahoo Live!, here.