Azealia Banks’ Latest Twitter Feud Includes Legendary Erykah Badu



In the most recent Azealia Banks news, the rapper was involved in yet another Twitter beef, this past Saturday (Feb 14th). This round’s opponent was singer Erykah Badu.

Is there anyone Banks has not fought with?

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This is how it all went down. A fan tweeted Badu asking if she had ever listened to Banks’ music, to which she replied “tried.”  Of course Azealia caught wind of it and instantly asked what the deal was with the “shade.”

That’s not all she said though. Banks continued her Twitter rant, calling Badu jealous and accusing her of throwing shade because she is growing old. A little harsh don’t you think?

The singer later responded giving Banks the benefit of the doubt. “Well sh*t I did try,” Badu agreed. “Maybe you’re right.. I’m just to old to get it. You cool tho?

Though Azalea says she’s good we don’t quite believe her, as she was sure to have the last word in this battle. Also, a fan pointed out that Erykah left her location on her last tweet. Classic.

Check out the tweets below.