A$AP Rocky and Travis $cott Let It Burn On “Lord La Flame” In D*C

travis via spin.com, asap via radio.com

A$AP Rocky and Travi$ Scott may be the only rappers of the new hip-hop generation that have yet to cross paths with one another. As both gear for the releases of some of the most highly anticipated projects of 2015, I hope they plan on fixing that.

Deep Purple needs to meet the Rodeo.

A$AP Rocky is NYC’s young shining star. Backed by a crew that’s as dope as they are loyal, A$AP is only getting bigger and better. He’s been quiet ever since he’s released his debut LP Long.Live.A$AP, but if the response to his latest two singles is any indication of how the people feel, then it’s clear that he’s been missed. Rocky has the rare ability of being able to adapt to almost any sort of production musically. It could be a street anthem like “Ghetto Symphony,” a bouncy pop bait like “F***in’ Problems,” or a sappy Sam Smith cut. He flows and harmonizes with the best of them, but don’t ever think he slacks on the bars either. We were introduced to him over Clams Casino. Since then, he’s gone on to work with 40, Danger Mouse, Jim Jonsin, and many others, but one person that he hasn’t worked with stands out in particular.

Travi$ $cott has one of the most mind-blowing production you will ever hear. He is the audio equivalent of a narcotic. His mercurial sound just explodes through speakers that command you to turn up as hard as possible. There are funky bangers like “Uptown,” epic sh*t like Jay Z’s “Crown,” and the non-adjective needed “Skyfall.” It’s pretty clear that you’re on to something when the likes of Jay Z, Kanye West, and T.I. want to work with you before you’re even seasoned. Travi$’ production is an out of body experience that can turn an average artist into great one after a couple songs.

You would think these two would have recognized each other’s talents enough to put some music out already, but they haven’t collaborated on a track as of yet. Travi$ has worked with A$AP Ferg before and the results were far from negative, so it’s only right that the guy gets Rocky over those synths. It makes too much sense and anyone who has been to a live show knows that they both get sh*t jumping. I can imagine that it would sound as good as an “Uptown” and go as hard as a “Palace” or “Ghetto Symphony.”

These two are both part of the new generation, both have multiple genre bending styles, and it just makes a whole lot of sense to the point that I can’t understand why it’s not here yet? It may have something to do with Travi$ bashing A$AP back in the day. Too bad any evidence of that has since been deleted…oh well. Until then…

Why haven’t they collaborated yet?

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