10 Drake Songs That Make It Impossible To Get Over Your Ex

6. “Sooner Than Later”

“When the lights don’t glow the same way that they used to
And I finally get a moment to myself
I will realize you were everything I’m missing
And you tell me you’re in love with someone else
So can you do me a favor if pull it together make it sooner than later
We won’t be here forever and I realized I waited too long but please don’t move on”

Often times it just seems as though Drake is a little too late when it comes to realizing what he has lost. Yet even though he is the one who took his past girl for granted he expects her to drop her current relationship to be with him again. The ex in this scenario is Kandis Henry, who Drake previously dissed saying “I hate that hoe” in “Hate Sleeping Alone”.

You’re not low Drizzy.