Listen to Willow Smith’s Three-Track Mixtape, “Interdimensional Terresact”

Willow Smith could care less about what you think about her free-spirited way of life, but she does care that you listen to her new mixtape. Willow is at it again with the release of her latest 3-track mixtape, Interdimensional Terresact. Nobody was quite sure of what the title meant exactly but Willow took to her Soundcloud account to clarify defining it as:

“Healing human light bodies with vibrational melody within the chaos of society. – Just for ambient vibes – Oe Ngati Kameie to our fellow Indigos. Virä atan nd tam tam.”

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Willow uses both English and the Na’vi language used by the indigenous people of the 2009 movie Avatar to capture the full essence of her mixtape.

Three seems to be a significant number for Willow. She previously released another 3-track EP titled back in November.

While we await for Willow’s first LP to drop, you can listen to the Chaotic-Produced Interdimensional Terresact above.