Watch OG Maco’s Latest Video For “FUCKEMx3”

og maco

You know, I’m actually upset I didn’t get to pick OG Maco for my draft team during Good*fella Media’s 2015 Hip Hop draft. I know that he is going to bring a ton of excitement to the rap game this year and he has already proved himself capable of doing so with his latest release, the OG Maco EP.

OG Maco keeps the momentum flowing today as he releases his latest video for his track “FUCKEMx3”. The original track features Migos, however the video does not have an appearance from them for their verses, in fact, the video cuts off shortly after Maco’s opening verse. What the video does show is that the crowd, the people, are feeling OG Maco and the energy he brings on record translates directly to his performances. Watch as OG Maco chants “Fuck em, fuck em, fuck em!”, surrounded by a crowd who screams his lyrics with just as much passion and abrasiveness.