Shia LaBeouf Takes An A** Whoopin’ In Sia’s New Video

Lifetime’s Dance Moms starlet Maddie Ziegler is back in her blonde bob wig and nude bodysuit, this time for Sia‘s latest video, “Elastic Hearts.” This time around, there’s another special guest appearance and it’s from none other than Shia LaBeouf who catches quite the beating from the 12-year-old actress.

The Ryan Heffington-choreographed music video features Ziegler caged in an odd death match with LaBeouf. Just when we (and Shia) think she’s warming up, she takes a bite out of her opponent. The dancer does have a change of heart (for real this time) at the end when trying to help LaBeouf escape the cage.

The last 45-seconds of the video features Ziegler tirelessly attempting to pull LaBeouf from the confines of the metal cage. Her efforts, however, are unsuccessful.

Sia is scheduled to perform “Elastic Heart” on Saturday Night Live on January 17. I’m sure we can count on Ziegler being there to perform, but will LaBeouf make an appearance? I can hardly wait.