Paula Patton Called To Testify On Robin Thicke’s Behalf In Lawsuit Against Marvin Gaye’s Family


Marvin Gaye and his family are nowhere near finished with Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams. And who has Thicke turned to, to defend his honor? His ex-wife Paula Patton!

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According to TMZ, last year Gaye’s family filed a lawsuit against Thicke over his 2013 hit, Blurred Lines because of its profound similarities to Marvin Gaye’s Got To Give It Up. Thicke’s love song Love After War (below) is also being brought into question because of Gaye’s After the Dance. The trial is set for February 10.

Patton is going to testify on behalf of her ex-husband in regards to the 2011 song Love After War. She starred in the music video and allegedly co-wrote the tune which may give Thicke a chance to escape the mess.

As far as Robin and Paula, sources have reported that Thicke visited to Patton’s during the holidays. Are they finally reaching a point of peace? For Robin’s sake, let’s hope so.