5 Amazing Moments From Nicki Minaj’s Interview With Metta World Peace

Nicki Minaj

Queens is in the building! Former New York Knick and Queens native, Metta World Peace, sat down with borough native Nicki Minaj in an exclusive (and odd) interview for World Peace’s website.

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A couple weeks ago, World Peace briefly changed his name to “Metta Minaj” as a no doubt ode to Nicki—one that she found hilarious. Thhe two sat down for an interview that left me wishing the Knicks had kept World Peace around for entertainment purposes alone. Here are some of the best moments from the interview which can be read in its entirety here.

  1. Nicki Minaj, esquire: Entertainers get asked this question often, but I was thrown off when Nicki said she would be a ‘lawyer and a mother’ if it weren’t for her rap career. The mother part I get, but the lawyer part was pretty dope. Then again looking back at how she chewed out radio personalities like Peter Rosenberg and Funk Flex its not that hard to imagine her ripping a judge a new asshole in a courtroom.
  2. Master Chef Minaj: The entertainment industry has not gone to Nicki’s head. Asked whether she likes to eat out with her man or cook for him she chose to chef it up herself. How can’t you appreciate that? Maybe someone can catch up with Meek Mill and ask him what’s on the menu for tonight.
  3. Big Screen Dreamin’: It seems like it won’t be long until we see Nicki on the big screen. According to her we only have to wait a ‘hopefully a year and half’. Has Drake been giving her some acting lessons? He has some experience with acting–not good acting, but acting nonetheless.
  4. Winging It: No interview with Nicki would be complete without a bedroom question. When asked if she wears ‘matching pajamas(????)’ or just wings it’ she answered ‘ I just wing it, thongs and t-shirts’. Meek Mill you lucky bastard.
  5. Mecca of Hip-Hop?: This one surprised the hell out of me. When asked if she thought Queens was the Mecca of Hip-hop she answered no. Sadly World Peace didn’t ask the obvious follow-up question, “what is the Mecca?” (it’s ok Metta you’re new to this). Maybe being a Queens-native she didn’t want to sound like a homer, but her borough is responsible for Nas, 50 Cent, Mobb Deep, Tribe Called Quest, CNN, Kool G Rap, Action Bronson, LL Cool J, Ja Rule, Onyx–I mean come on, Queens definitely has the best roster of the five boroughs and New York is the Mecca of hip-hop so I’m going to disagree with Nicki on this one.