NFL Investigates Patriots For Allegedly Deflating Football During AFC Championship Game

Tom Brady

The NFL is no stranger to controversy. Neither are the New England Patriots—the Bill Belichick Patriots that is. First there was the ‘Tuck Rule Game’, then Spygate happened. Now a third scandal might be making its way to the Patriots’ door—Deflate-gate. According to reports the league is investigating the AFC champions for using deflated footballs in their 45-7 ass-whooping of the Indianapolis Colts yesterday.

The big deal about using a deflated football is that they’re easier to catch and grip—especially in rainy conditions. If anyone was paying close attention to the game last night you will remember a brief stoppage of play when the officials switched the ball and CBS commentator Phil Simms said “they’re probably switching a kicking ball to a regulation ball. Kicking balls are contain less air..” Now this could be some wild allegation—or it may Belichick being Belichick.

For the record I don’t think deflated balls change that scoreboard from last night. If the Colts had Jesus Christ the Messiah on their side they weren’t winning last night. The NFL and referees Tom Brady wouldn’t have that. If this does end up being true, no worries, the football Gods will take notice and allow the Seattle Seahawks a demolition of epic proportions two weeks from now in Arizona. The punishment for the Patriots if found guilty would probably be the loss of a first-round draft pick and a hefty fine, just like Spygate.

UPDATE: NFL Finds That 11 of 12 Game Balls From Patriots Were Deflated

Well it looks like it was Belichick being Belichick is the final verdict. After a brief investigation from the league it was found that 11 of the 12 Patriots’ balls were deflated. One or two balls you can write off as a genuine mistake,even all 12 you could still say was a mistake, but 11 of 12? That’s a cover-up. Sadly this has been the motive of operation in New England under Belichick–push the rule book to the edge and dare the league to do something about it.

Given that Patriots owner Robert Kraft is good friends with commissioner Vince McMahon Roger Goodell don’t expect a serious punishment. Belichick is already in full deny mode, even shifting the attention to his quarterback Tom Brady. If that’s not the behavior of a gaping asshole I don’t know what is.

Our only hope now it that Pete Carroll and the Seahawks take justice into their own hands and lay a smack down like no other on Belichick’s team two weeks from Sunday. Seahawks outspoken leader Richard Sherman already seemed a little irritated by the league taking Marshawn Lynch’s golden cleats as a more serious manner than the Patriots deflating footballs.

Sherman is completely right and I hope the whole Seahawks team uses that as motivation to make Brady, Belichick and anyone else wearing a silver helmet’s day a living hell when they face off.