Meet Migos In Part 2 Of ‘Noisey Atlanta’

Thomas Morton and the Noisey crew took a trip to the infamous ATL Magic City in Part 2 for a behind the scenes meet up with Migos at their video shoot for “Freak No More”. Migos is not simply the Trio Takeoff, Offset, and Quavo, but rather a large group that work together and treat one another like a big family.  However, Takeoff, Offset, and Trio have taken the rap game by storm this year with their style of “ab-lib rap”, Morton notes.

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Noisey heads to the home of Migos in this episode and if you were expecting to see some sort of dinged up trap house…think again. The Migos reside in a country club in Stockbridge, Atlanta… a top of the line Mic-Mansion. Let’s not get it twisted though, despite the fact that they live in a wealthy area they stay strapped up and on their guard .

“We gotta be overprotective” says rapper Jose Guapo, after recounting the stories of fans being shot at and one killed after two Migos concert.

Morton carefully touches the subject of the Glo Gang and Migos beef, by asking Quavo about a specific incident in which he was bumrushed for his chain which later appeared on Chief Keef‘s Instagram…caption being “What’s this?”

Lastly when asked about how long their status as a independent group would last, Migos answered very simply:

“We’re staying independent, it’s all about stacking money.”

Migos works closely with Quality Control Music , an independent label that has recently signed OG Maco as well.

Stay tuned for Part 3 of ‘Noisey Atlanta’.