Action Bronson Dopplegänger Buys A $5.99 Watch and Resells It For $35,000

Bonson Doppleganger

Arizona tenant Zach Norris scored the find of a lifetime. While on the prowl for a used golf cart, he came across a collection of watches that, at first glance, looked to be nothing more than chachki junk drawer fillers. Norris then spotted a watch that read “LeCoultre Deep Sea Alarm” on the dial, being sold for measly $5.99. Being avid in the watch market, he obviously knew that it was worth oh so much more than that.

The Action Bronson dopplegänger took the watch to a Jaeger-LeCoultre retailer in Scottsdale, AZ where he found out the watch was a 1959 LeCoultre Deep Sea Alarm. This watch was only one of the few that exist of its kind and was the first watch to have an alarm usable for divers. (Score!)

Let’s not ignore the fact that he resembles our favorite Albanian rapper folks!

Norris posted the watch to a “Vintage Watches” Facebook page where he quickly learned people were dying to own a watch of this make and model. Eventually he received an offer from Rolex dealer and collector Eric Ku for a whopping $35,000 .

Norris somehow was able to sneak in an Omega Speedmaster Professional—the watches of all watches—into the deal even though he was already making quite the profit. And to top it all off, Norris had Ku deliver it all in person!

Useless information apparently can make you rich one day!