Malia Obama Reps Pro Era In Latest Selfie

Malia Obama

source: @maskedgorilla

The photo above surfaced online today and is becoming an instant hit. It’s President Obama’s daughter, Malia Obama wearing a Pro-Era t-shirt.

The 16-year-old first hinted at her preference in music when attending Lollapalooza in August. According to the Chicago Sun-Times, she was spotted taking in Chance The Rapper‘s headlining set on Sunday night before leaving the scene with her Secret Service squadron.

No one knows exactly where the photo came from, but Pro Era is definitely taking advantage of the free publicity. Who wouldn’t? The photo has been tweeted from the official Pro Era Twitter account with a link to its webshop where the t-shirt can be purchased. A representative for Joey Bada$$ told Gawker in an e-mail that Pro Era received the photo from “a mutual friend of Malia and the Pro Era member.”

Joey Bada$$‘s debut studio album B4.Da.$$ drops Jan. 20.