Ludacris Granted Full Custody Of One-Year-Old Daughter, Cai, In Family Court

luda 2

After a long and hard fought battle in family court between Ludacris and his ex Tamika Fuller, the verdict is in. Ludacris has won primary physical custody of his one year old daughter, Cai.

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In the back and forth legal slander battle between the two, Fuller claimed that Ludacris, real name Christopher Bridges, bribed her with thousands of dollars and a house to have an abortion. On the other hand, Ludacris denies all of these allegations and conveyed to the judge that she was saying these comments to destroy his reputation and that he would provide a better environment for Cai. Fuller had also been requesting increased child support payments from Ludacris as the trial proceedings went forward, reportedly up to $35,000 a month!

Ironically, it will now be Fuller who is granted visitation rights and required to send in child support payments.

Ludacris recently got engaged and married to longtime sweetheart, Eudoxie Mbouguiyengue over the holidays. Hopefully the two will now have some newlywed peace of mind and a new beautiful baby girl.