If A Judge Rules In Lindsay Lohan’s Favor, Chris Brown Might Have A Chance At Completing His Community Service Hours Before Tour


Everyone let out a sigh of release when Lindsay Lohan and Chris Brown completed their community service hours in the nick of time—SIKE!

A judge is furious with Lohan because she counted 18 hours of meet and greets after a show in London towards the 240 community service hours she was supposed to have logged and sent in. Lohan hung around after one of her Speed-The-Plow productions that she was mandated to participate in to fulfill her 4,800 minutes of benefiting to the community. Each “session” lasted for three whole hours!

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The Mean Girls actress also had five different probationers—debatable whether lucky or not—follow her around for 70 hours to “work shadowing experience.” In other words, she gave some kids in trouble an opportunity to learn exactly how not to act and end up like Lindsay.

While Lindsay’s lawyer Shawn Holley claims that the actress obeyed the  law, Prosecutor Terry White has until February 18 to decide where Lohan complied with the rules before speaking with the judge.

“I’d love to hang out with a celebrity all day and see their life, but that’s not community service,” said White.

Chris Brown

Also struggling to reach the end of his community service tunnel is Chris Brown. The singer recently had to postpone his Between the Sheets Tour with Trey Songs for being 100 hours short of 1,000 from his 2009 assault from then girlfriend Rihanna.

Even though the “Loyal” singer encountered a minor setback of having to reschedule his tour,  he is very apologetic to fans and is planning on fixing the mistake to get back on stage as fast as possible (unlike Lohan).

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“The show must go on. … I’m sorry for the delay. I love ya’ll,” postecd Brown to Instagram Tuesday night. “We will let ya’ll know the dates that are changed. It’s not canceled. Just moved around a couple weeks. Out of 1,000 hours I only have 100 left. I will work (hard) to complete it and I will be on that stage.”

No new dates have been schedule for the Between The Sheets tour, but everyone is very hopeful that it is still eventually going to happen. Trey Songz posted a video on Instagram cheering to a group of fans “We’re coming back. The Between the Sheets Tour is coming back.”

At least if Lohan’s judge decides to rule in her favor, Chris Brown’s got a shot at finishing his hours in no time—and further interrupting the upcoming tour.