Lindsay Lohan Falls Victim To Temptation Of Photoshop In Her ‘Sexy Virus Selfie’

Will Lindsay Lohan ever learn? Apparently not because Saturday (Jan. 24) afternoon she posted a “sexy virus selfie” on Instagram with the caption, “#mycalvins are helping me fight off chikungunya (kissy face emoji) hehe.” But that’s not the last of it. Lohan also got caught Photoshopping.┬áNote the tilted bottles to the right of her stomach.

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LiLo might want to focus less on her selfies and more on her court hearing coming up in two weeks because if she doesn’t finish her community service hours, she could be facing possible jail time. But not to worry! Lohan’s explanation for the judge is actually a decent one. For starters,┬áthe community service center in London was closed for two weeks during the holidays. And then she came down with a bad case of Chikungunya. Bad enough to stop her from fulfilling her community service duties in the U.S. Not bad enough to keep her from posting a “sexy [virus] selfie.”

Pull it together Linds.