Lef-t talks why “producers hate” him, quitting cigarettes & developing his own sound.

Your voice is incredibly distinct. I feel you perfected that sound now. What is that due to?

“I was smoking cigarettes. I quit cigarettes … cold turkey. The rasp was there, but you know what? When I wasn’t smoking cigarettes – I was still rapping. I’ve been rapping for too long. it’s been 10years, this year. The rasp comes and it goes. It depends the time of day or the type of song it is.”

Mastering his own sound while monitoring “what the kids are listening to.”

“Sometimes you gotta take a step back and see what the kids are listening to. I’m mixing it up with my sound. — Sure there’s inspiration, but it’s me at the end of the day.”

Being incredible meticulous when it comes to selecting production

“When you find an instrumental, It takes time. Producers hate me, man. They’ll invite me to the studio, they’ll show me about 35 beats. I can hear 500 instrumentals and pick none. I mess with animals… and, if you can’t keep up with animals, stay in the cage.”

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