Don’t Get Mad, Get Even: Ejected Knicks Fan Seeking Vengeance Against Team

Knicks vs Pacers at Madison Square Garden

The level of pettiness at Madison Square Garden is at an all-time high. There have been several claims that MSG is not the kindest place. They had that unfortunate scuffle with Brooklyn Nets super-fan back in December. Now it is being reported that a Knicks fan is suing MSG for being ejected from a game for heckling The Garden’s golden boy, Carmelo Anthony.

About a year ago Anthony Rotondi was at a Knicks game with some work associates when he began to get fed up with the team’s play, a daily Knick fan experience, and decided to yell “Carmelo you suck.” No harm no foul right? NBA players get heckled all the time—it’s part of the job. Well not in MSG. In MSG you get kicked out to Seventh Ave. But no, kicking him out wasn’t enough. Rotondi was arrested and charged with “Tampering with a Sports Contest in the Second Degree and Criminal Trespass in the Third Degree.”

Rotondi wouldn’t be silenced, filing a lawsuit against the bastards. In the lawsuit he states the Knicks contacted his employer, ING Financial Services, to tell them their employee was “disorderly, used vulgar language at the game, refused to produce his ticket and was abusive with Garden personnel.”

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ING later fired Rotondi. I’ve seen some petty shit in my day, but this just takes the cake. Rotondi’s lawyer Eric Weismann contends that MSG was a ‘bully’ who ‘unfairly targeted his client’. Ease up, your client was clearly acting like some sort of (probably drunk) asswipe , MSG just didn’t have to go this hard. Howard Lorber, a Knicks season ticket holder said he was close to Rotondi on that fateful night and alerted security to his inappropriate behavior (snitches get stitches in my hood Howie!!).

Lorber said that Rotondi did indeed scream ‘Carmelo, you suck!’ although, he said it was for ‘several minutes’ also adding that Rotondi added a ‘Fuck you, Carmelo!’ drawing Melo’s attention. After reading this I have only three things to say. First, I wish the Knicks were this harsh on their players. Second, Rotondi lay off the booze. Lastly, to the Knicks, Rotondi, Melo and everyone else involved…