Kid Cudi Kissed A Man For No Reason In New “James White” Film, Scenes Were Cut

Kid Cudi

On Friday (Jan. 23)  James White premiered on the second day of the Sundance film festival. It’s a gut-wrenching drama that follows a young writer whose problems are interwoven with health concerns, family issues, and sexuality all at the same time.

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Surprisingly among the cast is rapper Kid Cudiwho plays the lead’s gay best friend. However, his character’s sexuality is not something that is highlighted throughout the film. At the movie’s premiere, the “Day ‘N; Nite” rapper revealed that he had done kissing scenes that were cut from the film.

“I felt like I had a responsibility to present a different walk in life from that world,” said Cudi. “When he comes out of the closet it’s not really a thing. I think that’s something the world needs to see. Cause it’s not a thing. We’re all equal.”

Cudi didn’t know that his kissing scenes were cut until the night of the premiere but it’s okay Kid because your effort and support are what truly counts here.