Kevin Gates Wants You To Know He Boned His Cousin For 2 Years & Didn’t Stop Once He Found Out

Kevin Gates

Written by: Michael Rivera

Kevin Gates didn’t pull a van Gogh and cut his ear off after finding out he was dating his own cousin for three months. Instead, Gates and his cousin continued the relationship for two more years.

Gates posted a two part video on his Instagram in which he discusses not only sleeping with his cousin, but finding out and continuing the relationship. Gates said in the video, “I’m f***in’ the shit out of her, come to find out she my cousin. Ya heard me? But I ain’t bout to stop f**kin’ with her. S**t, the p***y good and we click. Sh*t, I ain’t grow up with you knowing you was my people…Man, y’all gonna stay out my mothaf***in’ business. So, you mean to tell me if you been fu**in’ somebody for three months. Ya heard me? Everythang beautiful. And yo grandmama come and tell you one day ‘You know, that’s your cousin.’ Y’all done got the hard part out the way. Why f*** up a good thang? I don’t get tired.”

In an interview with TMZ live, Gates states that the relationship happened from about 2006 to 2008.  He also admitted that he was not ashamed and everyone is entitled to their own opinion. According to him the two are still close friends—and cousins.  Kevin Gates don’t get tired, but he may get tired of hearing the opinions of many people.

Check out the interview below.