Kanye West Denies Autograph Of Kim’s Wedding Picture With The Wrong Groom

Kim And Kanye DC

Kanye West has never been one to deprive fans of the love and affection they deserve. However, when he arrived arrived in D.C. this past Sunday (Jan. 25) with wife Kim Kardashian, the “Stronger” star denied to sign a fan’s wedding picture of Kim—because it was the wrong wedding!

The fan held up a picture from Kardashian’s wedding number two when the groom-to-be was Kris Humphries! But Kanye is proving to have turned over a new leaf because he actually kept his cool and laughed it off.

As far as I’m concerned, him denying the autograph is completely understandable. No one wants to acknowledge their partner’s dating history—especially when it has been as public, and extensive, as Kim’s.