Justin Bieber To Be Roasted On Comedy Central


The day that just about every human being (or maybe just me) has been waiting for will finally arrive come this March. Justin Bieber is going to be the guest of honor on Comedy Central Roast, giving Jeff Ross a plethora of topics to hit.

The craziest part? It was the Biebs idea! He’s has supposedly been itching to get on the roast and will finally get his chance on March 1st while celebrating his 21st birthday.

Ryan Seacrest made the big announcement on Twitter when he wrote, “Yes I got confirmation @justinbieber is getting roasted by @ComedyCentral in march…love u justin but it’s time lol #BieberRoast.”

Now what on earth could Jeff Ross even start with: maybe his Photoshopped Calvin Klein Covers, using mop buckets as his personal urinal, or the infamous Orlando Bloom brawl? Jeff, whatever you choose, you better make it good. I’ll definitely be watching.