Moving To The Bright Lights: 5 NFL Teams That Should Relocate To Los Angeles

LA Raiders

St. Louis Rams owner Stan Kroenke made headlines last week when he announced plans to build a football stadium in Los Angeles and move the Rams back. He also said that he will move to the City of Angels with or without the NFL’s permission. Whoa there. It’s been too long since NFL football has called Los Angeles home, 20 years to be exact, so a return to one of the biggest markets in the nation should be welcomed by the league and fans.

Don’t put St. Louis is that group that wants to see the Rams back in Los Angeles. They plan on fighting to the end to ensure they keep their team. So that got us thinking—what if the Rams don’t end up making that move, but the league wants a team in Los Angeles. The fact that a top three market didn’t have a team for 20 years is a joke, but that’s the NFL for you. With that being said let’s look at five teams that could be calling Los Angeles home in the near future.