Cyn Santana Opens Up About Ex Erica Mena & Brother’s Suicide

Cyn Santana from VH1’s Love & Hip Hop New York made a guest appearance on Hot 97’s Ebro in the Morning show where she opened up about Ebro’s thirsty texts, a new boo thang, her ex Erica Mena, and her brother’s passing.

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Most of the interview is hilarious, especially when Cyn puts Ebro on blast revealing his thirst level was through the roof, which resulted in her refusing to answer his texts. Of course once Ebro finds out that she’s 22, he claims to be off her stuff for good—yea right! But unfortunately for him, Cyn is now taken! She revealed during the interview that she has a new “boo thang” that she later refers to as her boyfriend. She was hesitant to reveal details, but the morning crew was able to find out he is older than her, and is Puerto Rican and Dominican. Cyn is Dominican and Salvadorian by the way.

When asked about being on the show Love & Hip Hop New York, Cyn shockingly was not for joining the crazy series from the start. She consistently said no when Erica and producers asked her to join the cast, but of course she finally gave in.


When discussing her ex Erica Mena, Santana was very careful with her words. She made it clear that she is over what happened between her and Mena especially because she has to relive what happened each week when an episode airs and she receives a handful of texts, tweets, and interviews afterwards. In the latest episode of Love & Hip Hop New York, Erica slaps Cyn which is the first time the couple experiences violence within their relationship. Erica did apologize afterwards but who knows how much that really matters. Despite everything, Cyn was respectful when regarding Erica’s engagement to Bow Wow. She doesn’t think it’s fake but did not exactly say she thinks it is going to last.

The interview took a serious turn when her brother’s passing became the topic of discussion. On Thanksgiving of last year, her brother committed suicide shortly after his 24th birthday. As a result, Cyn has been working with the organization SISFI (Scudder InfoTech SecuriCity Foundation Inca.) in order to host charity events and raise awareness for those who may be considering suicide or how bystanders can help. Santana is planning on doing a tour this month where she will give a speech on the subject and will post details on Instagram sometime this week.