Why The College Football Playoff Lived Up To The Hype

Ohio State

Now I run the game, you stupid muddasuckas I see all this money through my Ohio State buck eyes.”

–Drake, “Uptown”

Drake might be the author of this line, but you know NCAA President Mark Emmert is saying something along those lines after last night’s Ohio State’s 42-20 victory over Oregon in the inaugural National Championship of the College Football Playoff era.

The Playoff Committee should be sending Urban Meyer and his Ohio State Buckeyes a gift basket of epic proportions. Meyer’s Buckeyes single-handily validated the new playoff system that was being heavily criticized for omitting one of the Big 12 powerhouses, TCU and Baylor, in favor of the Buckeyes. While the system definitely needs a couple tweaks (eight playoff teams instead of four would be nice) in the end the committee got it right, which is what matters.

Had the Buckeyes got blown out of the Sugar Bowl by Alabama, all hell would have broken loose—especially in Texas. Baylor and TCU (Baylor, really) seemed more deserving of that fourth playoff spot not the Big Ten champs, the Big Tensucks” (more on this later). Well that’s why they play the games. Led by their breakout star running back Zeke Elliott and the real life version of Willie Beamen, third string quarterback Cardale Jones, Ohio State laid an ass whooping for the world to see. They faced and smacked up the top two seeds of the playoffs with relative ease.

Common theme of the night. Zeke Elliott with an Oregon defender trailing him to the end zone.

Common theme of the night. Zeke Elliott with an Oregon defender trailing him to the end zone.

Here are some of the key takeaways from the game.

1. Oregon is the college football version of the Denver Broncos. Just think about it—high powered offense, no-name head coach not ready for the big decisions, great defense that continually gets exposed in the brightest of lights, superstar quarterback who plays well even when his team shits the bed. Keep going? Yeah I thought so.

2. Urban Meyer is the best college football coach of our generation, not Nick Saban. Yeah Saban is an undoubted beast, but Meyer has now won a national title with two different schools (Florida), turned around four programs (Bowling Green and Utah) and he eliminated Saban last week, so suck it Bama fans.

3. Cardale Jones is the real Willie Beamen. To elaborate on what I said earlier—when have we seen a third-string quarterback start his first three career games in the postseason and fit in seamlessly? For anyone that knows and love Any Given Sunday knows that Jones’ performance is right out of the movie script. It might just be a credit to Meyer’s genius, but Jones still had to make the plays and make them he did. There’s talk of Jones entering the draft after just three games–THREE GAMES!

4. Zeke Elliott is a baaaad man as Stephen A. Smith would say. He carried his team to the title, running for an average of 230 yards per game in the team’s three playoff games. It’s as if the ghost of Maurice Clarett took over his body after the regular season. Alongside  Jones, Zeke reminded football fans that watching a run-oriented attack can be just as fun as watching an aerial-attacking team. Elliott will open up next season as the Heisman front-runner and deservedly so.

5. The College Football Playoff is better than the BCS. The NCAA gets the same amount of controversy they had with the BCS  and they make three games count instead of one. The BCS games were cool, but nothing was really on the line besides the title game. Now they have three games that matter and all three had amazing storylines and all were great watches (Florida State’s demise was appealing to a surprisingly large number of people). Congrats NCAA, you finally did something right.

6. Big Ten football is no slouch. Despite ESPN’s undying love for the SEC as college football’s best conference, it’s the Big Ten who showed up in the bowl season. The conference went 6-5 in bowl games, but the conference’s top three teams (Ohio State, Michigan State and Wisconsin) went an impressive 3-0 with wins over two SEC teams (Auburn & Alabama) and the Big 12 champs Baylor. Capped off by the Buckeyes beating the piss out of the Pac-12 champs, there is no question the Big Ten deserves some damn respect. But as always, take it away Kermit!

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