Cipha Sounds: “After 17 years, I’m leaving Hot 97”

CIpha Sounds

After 17 years on the Hot 97 team, Cipha Sounds future with the radio station is up.

“Effective immediately, Cipha Sounds is no longer with WQHT HOT 97 FM.  We wish him well on his future endeavors,” said Emmis Communications in a statement released today (Jan. 27).

In a similar fashion to Angie Martinez, Ciph made the public announcement regarding his departure on Instagram. He wrote:

“After 17 years, I’m leaving Hot 97. I¹m changing my relationship status from “it’s complicated” to “single”. It¹s been an amazing ride – from intern to weekends to morning show host to fill Angie¹s seat in afternoons. Many years of incredible, life-changing experiences and enough amazing memories to last five lifetimes. The next move is already underway and I promise it’s going to be huge. Follow me at @ciphasounds

Recently, the New York DJ vented his frustrations. On the latest episode of the Juan Epstein podcast (below), which he hosts alongside Peter Rosenberg, Ciph commented on the programming shakeups since Angie‘s departure for rival station Power 105.1.

Cipha also said that he was offered a gig with Power 105 as well, which he turned down out of loyalty to Hot 97.

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For the last three months, Cipha has held down Martinez’s old weekday afternoons spot, although Rosenberg noted that he didn’t seem excited about having the show.

“I never knew if it was mine if I could make it mine, I would’ve loved it,” Cipha replied. “One boss told me one thing, another boss told me another thing, they then fired one of those bosses, another boss came in an told me one things, and then a boss of another station came in and became our boss and told me another thing. All nice people, all different opinions on what the show should be and how it should run.”

Earlier this month, Hot 97 announced that Bay Area-bred radio host Nessa will fill Martinez’s time slot. Despite having no beef with Nessa, Cipha felt Hot 97 could’ve handled the swap differently.

“The girl who got the show, oh they’ve wanted her for a long time they have a hard on for her. So then why didn’t you tell me?”

Had Hot told Ciph she was taking over, things would have seemingly played out differently. Maybe he would have stayed? While he still hasn’t announced where his following ventures will lead him, he did take to Instagram to joke about now being unemployed. “Gonna respond to everyone, I promise,” he wrote. :This line at unemployment is crazy tho. Why did I do this on blizzard day?? Stupid ciph, stupid.”

Update: Ciph announces via Twitter he will be starting to teach an improv class.

Also, he is currently trending #6 Worldwide and would like to get to #3. Just saying.

Trending number 6 worldwide…. This is fun. Could use a little more tho. LoL… Hhhaaaaasa

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Listen to the podcast in its entirety below.