Chris Brown: “I’m The Victim of Identity Theft!”

Once again Chris Brown has found himself at the center of a criminal investigation, except this time he’s the victim!

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According to law enforcement, someone stole the “Autumn Leaves” singer’s identity after he left his identification with officers during a pitstop at San Fransisco County Jail in April. This happened post the singer ditching rehab and going to D.C. for a hearing regarding his assault charges.

However, instead of returning C Breezy’s ID, it was discovered that this past week someone got the bright idea to sell it for $10,000. A pretty cheap fee to be Chris Brown if you ask me. Of course the singer’s lawyer got word of this and paid a visit to the San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department asking him, “What the f**k?”

Once they launched the investigation, it wasn’t long before they traced the ID to a local. Cops questioned the suspect and retrieved the ID, but the perp insists he got it from “a friend of a friend.”

The investigation remains open.