Are Cam’Ron & Jim Jones Coming At Jay-Z In Their New Track “Victory Freestyle”?

Uh-oh I smell some oncoming New York beef in the air. If you were unaware Harlem’s Dipset crew are back. We can thank Hot 97’s Funk Flex for that–so thank you for that Flex. Everything seemed to be gravy until Flex got on the airwaves and went on a rant over Jay-Z‘s website Life+Times. Now Cam’Ron and Jim Jones drop this new track ‘Victory Freestyle’. There seems to be a couple jabs at King Hov, most notably Cam’s line “Having money that don’t make you a real one. You stepped on the court you gon’ play my game.Just take shorty’s advice and say my name (Destiny Child’s sample).” 

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Flex and Dipset are playing a dangerous game. If you were unaware, Jay-Z and Cam’Ron have never been the best of friends. With Cam allegedly heading towards retirement it may just be him finally coming at Hov. Well all I have to say to Dipset and Funk Flex is this, as Omar said to Wee-Bey “You come at the king, you best not miss.”