Bobby Shmurda’s Uncle And Manager Calls Out Fake Friends & Funk Flex

Bobby Shmurda is on the list of celebrities in serious trouble with the law these days. The “Hot N*gga” singer is still facing an array of charges including criminal possession of weapon, using drug paraphernalia, drug possession and conspiracy to commit murder in the second degree after him and 12 crew members were arrested in December. Even though the reckless endangerment charge was dropped, the rapper has remained behind bars since December, considering he’s still facing four other charges.

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Amid his legal troubles, Shmurda’s uncle and manager, Debo Wilson, has gotten some flack for allegedly suing Bobby for $20,000 because of tour cancellation fees. As a result, Wilson has responded and is speaking out against those who have left Bobby’s side since being incarcerated.

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“When I got motherf–kers like Funk Flex saying I’m shady, now I gotta say something,” said Wilson in an interview with Vlad TV. “P***y n***a, you don’t know me, so don’t be calling me shady. Simple as that.”

Debo also claimed that he has attempted to get Bobby out of jail.  I wouldn’t hold my breathe because it sounds like Shmurda isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.