Bobby Shmurda Is Still In Jail, But That’s Not Stopping Him—He’s ‘All About The Shmoney’

Bobby Shmurda has been in jail since December after being charged with conspiracy, reckless endangerment, and gun possession, but that’s not exactly stopping him from staying afloat in the game. In fact, it might be helping, but that’s a different story. 

The Brooklyn rapper dropped a new track on Tuesday (Jan. 6) with G9 confidante Rowdy Rebel and Too $hort. The track titled “She All About The Shmoney” is a bass heavy record, produced by Jahlil Beats, with remnants of —dare I say—Mystikal? Or the Ying Yang Twins. Or both.

Together the trio raps about tipping strippers as money machines ring off in the track’s background. Chiinngggg! 

According to a Riker’s Island rep, who spoke to HipHopDX, Shmurda is still being held in the New York City jail. BUT Instagram detects a lie!

Just kidding.

On Monday (Jan. 5), Instagram user realrelle posted a video of himself and Shmurda. In the video, he proclaims “I’m back baby,” after a series of “ahh-ahhh-ahhhs,” but it appearers the video was recorded before the arrest.

News hit hard yesterday (Jan. 7) that charges were dropped after Bobby, born Ackquille Pollard, handed in over 35 names to the NYPD. They conduced a large raid on Tuesday with efforts to find those named by Shmurda.

NahaDaily reports a friend of Shmurda’s was sitting in his apartment watching TV when cops kicked down the door. “I was confused until I seen Bobby beside a cop with a list pointing me out.” Said the unnamed friend.

Whether he’s really in jail, or simply in hiding is still up in the air. Witness protection program perhaps? We’re not sure, but stay tuned for the developing story.