Sporting*Goods: Jon Jones Enters Rehab, The NFL Playoffs Are Back & The Best Team In The NBA You Don’t Know About


We made it to 25! Who would’ve though?

Good news football fans, the NFL playoffs are finally back. After a pathetic slate of Wild Card games some began to wonder if this whole year would be a dud. On Saturday the Patriots and Ravens treated us to the game of the year thus far and are quietly becoming the biggest rivalry in the AFC. The Cowboys and Packers put on a similar performance on Sunday in “The Ice Bowl II” –just without the ice—that ended in typical playoff fashion with a controversial decision by the refs.

The NBA dominated the week with headlines. Two Eastern Conference team waved the white flag and embraced full tank mode.  No headline caught us off guard more than UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones entering rehab—well maybe Rex Ryan going from the Jets to the Bills. See what else made our top moments in this week’s Sporting*Goods.

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