Atlanta College Student Falls From A Moving Car Mid-Twerk

Andy Warhol was right when he said everyone would receive their 15 minutes of fame some day. In this girl’s case, however, seven seconds of fame was just enough. Atlanta college student Brittany Swift is one of the most recent vine stars for one of the dumbest twerking fails we’ve ever seen.

Swift posted a vine that has received over 7.5 million views. It shows her falling out of the passenger side of a moving car mid-twerk. She later justified the embarrassing fall by attempting to give it a name; “The Whip.”

Apparently when K. Camp‘s “Lil Bit” came blasting on the radio, she just couldn’t hold back and started busting a move with the car door open. Don’t you hate it when that happens? Things went from 0-100 real quick when she switched legs as her sister pressed the breaks. Swift tumbled out of the car in what looks like a very painful (and funny) fall.