97 Seconds With Nelly Reveals He Is Proud To Never Have Been Signed By Major Label

St Louis rapper Cornell Iral Haynes, Jr, known by his stage name Nelly, has been gracing our ears since the early 90’s with tracks such as “Hot In Here” and “Just A Dream.” Well now Nelly has appeared on That’sEnough.com‘s 97 seconds to reveal  when he first fell in love with music, his childhood, and how his career stands apart from other rappers.

Here is everything we learned about the “Ride Wit Me” star in a minute and a half:

  • He fell in love with music at a very early age because he was always around it. His uncle had his own band and would rehearse in the living room late into the night with Nelly sitting on the steps secretly listening because he wasn’t supposed to be up that late.
  • Nelly grew up in St Louis under “different” circumstances because he didn’t live with his mom or dad. He dealt with it because he was a kid and didn’t know any better.
  • He used to be called NellyNel. Eventually, he dropped the “Nel” and Nelly stuck as his stage name.
  • His rap career took off when he moved to University City with the rest of St. Lunatics. He formed friendships with people like Keewan and Lil Murphy Lee whose friendships matured along with their love for music
  • Nelly is very proud to be one of the few apples that has had his great success without getting picked up by a major rapper, record label, or producer. Nobody cosigned Nelly but he still made sh*t happen.
  • He wants his fans to take away whatever he feels they need to from his music because he’s released such a wide variety of styles and flavors. He considers it a gift because you feel free when creating but a curse because it can cause confusion when creating albums.