50 Cent Accused of Stealing Script Idea For ‘Power’

50 cent

50 Cent‘s name is in the news again, this time pertaining to his Starz show Power. According to a writer named Curtis Scoon, 50 Cent stole the show’s concept from his script Dangerous. Scoon said that Fif was interested in Dangerous, but nothing ever happened.

In a CVS-receipt length of tweets Scoon gives the timeline of his script and states producers were interested in rapper Maino initially. Scoon had this to say:

“Maino has a relationship with 50 of some sort. I believe 50 had a hand in some situation at Atlantic. Dubose informed his staff and Byron 50 Cent was interested in Dangerous and would be coming to his office for a meeting. I have the email. Sure enough Maino AND 50 came to the office a few weeks later. I have sworn affidavits from people who were there. 50 tells Starz he doesn’t recall meeting at Dubose’s office. I’m going to help his memory.”

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One reason to speculate any finaglement by 50 is that Scoon has been implicated in the killing of  Run DMC‘s Jam Master Jay, one of 50’s early mentors—anyone that is familiar with 50 knows how spiteful he can be. Another reason might be Scoon’s obvious resentment towards the 50, saying “he is smarter and more talented than 50 Cent”. Umm no Mr. Scoon you’re not because your show isn’t on television and 50’s is.

Until we see any lawsuits filed this is all hear-say, but my advice to Mr. Scoon is be more careful with your work. Why would you share any ideas with someone you have friction with? 50 may have played you, but you walked right into that one my dude. Season two of Power starts in May.