Festivus For The Rest Of Us! Wale Announces New Mixtape ‘Festivus’

Wale is blessing his fans with an early Christmas gift this year with the release of his mixtape entitled Festivus on December 23rd. He is set to release his next album The Album About Nothing in 2015, but has given his fans a project to work with in the meantime. Co-Produced  with A-Trak, ‘Festivus’ is the name of a secular holiday, highly parodied on “Seinfeld”, celebrated by those seeking an alternative to the commercialism and pressures of the Christmas Holiday Season.

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In his minute long Festivus trailer, Wale flips through the channels of a TV in his studio and sees images of J.Cole and Nicki Minaj performing.

“I need these ni**** to see my influence before I give them that blueprint” he states.

Ultimately his channel surfing lands him on the Seinfeld ‘Festivus’ episode aired which in 1997, while A-Trak walks in and brings in the infamous aluminum Festivus pole.