Here's The Reason Why Angelina Jolie Will Not Attend Any 'Unbroken' Events


Unfortunately actress Angelina Jolie will not be attending the events for her latest work, Unbroken. But don’t assume you know why because nobody saw this one coming.

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“I found out last night that I have chicken pox,” Jolie confesses in the video above. “So I will be home itching and missing everyone and I can’t believe it because this film means so much to me. I just can’t believe it, but such is life. There it is. Send everyone my love and I hope everything goes well.” Somehow Jolie still manages to crack a smile while she finishes her announcement to fans.

Some speculate that this is just a cover for Jolie not wanting to deal with the bad press she’s been dealing with after being labeled a “minimally talented spoiled brat”by Hollywood producer Scott Rudin. But we have more faith in Jolie than that. I mean, the chicken pox can happen to anyone…right?