T.I. Defends Iggy Azalea, Responds To Q-Tip: “Not all white people are out to steal our culture”

Iggy Azalea & T.I. | Source: MTV Hive

Iggy Azalea & T.I. | Source: MTV Hive

Over the weekend Q-Tip took to twitter to give Iggy Azalea a brief lesson on the history of hip-hop. This came shortly after Azalea Banks‘ interview with Hot 97, where the “212” rapper expressed there was more to the “beef” between her and the Australian rapper.

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While Iggy has yet to respond to Q’s briefing, T.I. took it upon himself to express his thoughts. He argues that not all white people want to exploit hip-hop and that the truly talented white artists are merely inspired by the culture and wish to contribute to it.


Soon after T.I. started tweeting, Banks responded….and somehow, I’m not surprised.