From Pittsburgh To 'Blacc Hollywood,' Wiz Khalifa 6 Years Later

Whether it was his divorce from Amber Rose, his new hair experiments or the release of his fifth studio album, Blacc Hollywood, Wiz Khalifa has managed to stay in the public eye. But things weren’t always this way (of course). Cameron Jibril Thomaz was born in North Dakota and raised in Pittsburgh. In a 2009 interview Good*FellaMedia got a chance to sit down and talk about the rapper’s humble beginnings and more.

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The “Black & Yellow” rapper talked about his parents being in the military, which caused him to move a lot as a child. However, regardless of all the moving he claimed he “always tried to get back to Pittsburgh.” When asked about his musical influences Wiz stated that he was actually not raised in a hip-hop dominant household, and recalls listening to more Rock, Pop, and 70s Music. He also attributed some of his influences to his father’s taste in music, which included 90s Hip-Hop artists such as, Big Daddy Kane and Chubb Rock.

Since stepping on the scene ,Wiz Khalifa’s tattoos have served as his trademarks, especially after professing his love for them in songs like “Ink My Whole Body.” He reveals that he had about 22 before graduating from high school.

“I always knew I wanted to be tatted up ever since I was real little…to me it’s a story. The only way to really tell that story for me is through my ink, my art” he says.

As a young rapper fresh out of high school, Wiz signed to Warner Brothers in 2006. While his time with the label was fairly short-lived he expressed that it was “a completely positive situation” and that he “learned a lot of things about being in the industry and being an artist.”

This interview preceded the release of his second studio album Deal or No Deal which peaked at number 25 on Billboard’s Top R&B/Hip Hop Albums and number 10 on Billboard’s Top Rap Albums. His latest album Blacc Hollywood peaked at number one on Billboard’s Top 200 and Billboard’s Top R&B/Hip Hop Albums. Blacc Hollywood has been Grammy nominated for Best Rap Album and his hit single, “We Dem Boyz,!” also received a  nomination for Best Rap Song. Looking back, everyone can see that he has come a very long way.