Nicki Minaj Opens Up About Single Life, Meek Rumors, & New Album In Hot 97 Interview

On Wednesday, Nicki Minaj paid a visit to HOT 97 VIP Lounge where she did not hold back any of her opinions. She discussed her new album The Pink Print, being newly single, and those Meek rumors that just don’t seem to ever go away, among other things.

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At the start of the interview when Meek‘s name is mentioned, Nicki chuckles and nods her head. And even though she winked to the audience, we are somewhat convinced that Meek will not be lacing fingers with Minaj anytime soon.

“That’s not happening […] what I’m not lying, that’s not happening …stop [laughing] Oh My God! I never, usually when I say “No” about stuff people let it go. But this one is just like keeps coming back. Like it doesn’t die, it multiplies.”

So is there anyone new to take his place? To be honest, it sounds like Nikki isn’t ready to start dating anyone for that matter.

“There’s no one in my life right now I’m just chilling, I’m enjoying life.  haven’t even gotten to know myself. I’ve been in a relationship since I was… for so long I don’t even know if I know how to live the world without being in a relationship. So I mean yeah I’m taking it one day at a time and also I’m finally being comfortable with myself, sleeping in a bed alone. I’m so use to feeling like I need someone but I don’t. I’m okay.”

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As the interview continues, she doesn’t hesitate to switch topics and discuss her career as a black female rapper. She makes it clear that in her opinion the game has been dominated by men, but as a female artist she is ready to play even if she isn’t always given the props she deserves.

“It’s almost like men feel like it takes something away from them to give female their props the way they would give Jay or Kanye or Em. […] That’s why I’m so hard on radio people I’m like come on tell the people the truth don’t sugar code shit. Don’t say I’m good for a girl say what it is and if you don’t think I’m good say I’m not good.”

Check out the full interview above to hear Nicki Minaj for yourselves.