Lil Wayne Makes Comments on Cash Money, “I’ll Be Out of It Soon”


VICE, a media outlet, celebrated their 20th birthday this weekend with the party of a lifetime. Seriously, it was a party that only happens once and a life time. VICE celebrated with a Brooklyn concert in which not just performers like Wayne and Ghostface Killah took the stage, but even Jonah Hill and Scarlet Johansson grabbed the mic.

To put the icing on the cake, Wayne even commented on his recent Twitter rant regarding his rumored split with Cash Money Records. Don’t worry if you missed the live performance, we got some of it on video for you.

“I’m f—-d up in a bad situation” Wayne said “But I will be out of it soon, and I do it for y’all. So put them motherf—n fives up for Carter V”.  Well, so much for that rumor that his Twitter was hacked. Here are the posts that caused the rumors to fly to begin with:


Wayne’s manager, Cortez Bryant is still claiming everything is fine between Cash Money and Weezy and that this rant was just sarcasm.

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